What does it mean to think? What is a thought?

Do we ever stop thinking? If so, what is that happens at that moment?

Is there good thinking and bad thinking? What is the difference? Is it based on the actions we take on our thoughts? Is it about results that occur from those actions?

What is accurate thinking? What is critical thinking?

From where do our thoughts come? To where do they go? Are there internal and external thought provokers?

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.–Oscar Wilde

Are we in control of our thoughts? Are our thoughts in control of us? Do we think our own thoughts or do we follow what others think? How do we choose? Do we think with our conscious or subconscious mind? Are both involved in the thinking process.?

How many thoughts do we have in a day? Is each thought a separate entity or do they attach to other thoughts, continually attracting related thoughts?

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Do you consider thought as an ongoing process? Do you set aside time “to think”? Do you have a favorite place to think? Are you an accurate thinker? Are you a critical thinker? Do you care? Do you embrace what you think?

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