Do we live in the present? Do we live in the past? Do we live in the future?

What is the now? What is mindfulness? What must I do to be mindful and in the now?

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If I have concerns about the past or doubts about the future, can I still be mindful? Can I be mindful sometimes? Is it an “all the time” commitment?

Is it a series of actions steps? Is it an effort to be present in the reality of what is? If I accept what is, instead of what I want or what “should” be, am I mindful? Is it about the acceptance of reality? Is it about meditation or being able to meditate?

“Let the past be your wisdom. Let the future be your intention. Let the present be your life.”― Ozan Kulcu

How do we embrace mindfulness? How do we learn what it even means? Does it require constant attention or focus? Can I learn to be mindful? How? How do I know if I am mindful?

Do you live in the past, the present or the future? Why? Do you accept what is? Can you be comfortable in the present moment? Do you want to be mindful?

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