Are you results oriented? Are results of paramount importance to you? What of the process that leads to results? Where does the process stand in terms of importance?

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Is it about what we do and what we accomplish? Is it about who we become? Does who we are evolve as we move toward our goals?

Do I want to win a game or to become better at what I do? Maybe both? Are those two objectives compatible? Is winning a measure of development? Can chasing results hinder development? If we learn from mistakes and even failure, is it possible that losing can be a good thing?

In our efforts to accomplish something, do we risk trying to be something, instead of trying to become someone? Is their a correlation between results and values?

“Become the person who would attract the results you seek”–Jim Cathcart

Do we teach kids to do rather than be? Is the goal for them to collect victories or is it to become the best they can be?

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Is your focus only on achieving, on getting results, on winning? Do you have a growth mindset? Are your goals aligned with your values? Are you striving to become someone or to become something?

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