If young children are truly mindful, positive and self-confident, (before adults teach them to be young adults), how do they discover who they are?

Photo by Del Raya Martinez on Pexels.com

How do you answer these questions from the perspective of a young child? Who am I? Who decides who I am? Am I me? What will I be? Who will I be? Will you let me be, who I was meant to be?

As I grow, to what voices do I need to listen and what voices do I need to tune out? How will I know?

How do I tell who wants to help me grow into who I want to be or who I am meant to be? How can I tell who wants to mold me into someone that fits their expectations? Who will help me become who I will be?

“I am who “I am”. Not who you want me to be. Not who you want me to be. I am me.”–Brigitte Nicole

Am I a unique person? What do I like about me? Do I value me? Who do I want to become?

If I want to develop into my best, authentic self, is my voice the most important? Is my belief in myself critical? If I am me, am I not great?

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