A Template for Success?

Why is that many presentations about achieving success are about using a template or applying a formula? “Follow these steps” or “develop these traits of trillionaires and you too will be one”! Of course, there is also the “Magic Bullet” that carries within it a guaranteed seed of success. Have you seen these over-hyped stories? “This is the one thing that will change your life!” Of course, the magic bullets are available to anyone and everyone. The only requirement is often the payment of a substantial fee.

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

Does it sometimes seem like a scavenger hunt approach? Follow these clues and you will find your success. Does one size fit all? Are we not all different?

While there are undoubtedly many strategies for reaching standards of achievements, would it not make more sense to study achievers and their principles? Then, find specific ideas or “golden nuggets” that resonate personally and try to develop them into your success program? Would that be preferable to trying to apply a template or memorize a list of traits to develop?

“Being true to yourself is the most effective formula for success there is”–Danielle LaPorte

What is your formula for success? Does it incorporate your strengths and talents and values? Is it specific to you? Would you want to follow a script devised for everyone or try to become a clone of someone else? Is your definition of success unique to you? Should your plan also be unique to you?

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