One word questions?

Are you fascinated by one word questions?

Do one word questions, A.K.A., question words invite exploration, reflection and perspective? Do they need context?

is it possible to answer a one word question with a yes or no answer? Are one word questions truly open ended?

What is your favorite question word? Why? Are there particular one word questions that bother you? What causes that word or question to elicit negative vibes?










“Those thinking Why, When, Where, Who are information providers; the one thinking “HOW” is the leader in solving the problem.”– Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar

Is there a veritable plethora of additional one word questions we use? Is “huh” a question? If you put a question mark after OK is it a question? OK?

Is who, most effective with a quizzical look that expands the question to “Do you mean me?”

Is “if” a stand alone question? Is “if” even a question? Does it not seem like it is often used as a question or an exploratory phrase? Do you hear responses like “well, if this happens, then yes I will or no I won’t?

How do you use question words? Do you normally use them in response to someone? Do you use them as a challenge? When asked such a direct question do you respond thoughtfully? Do you tend to examine the motive for the question?

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