About what are you curious? Are you perhaps, curious about being curious? Is curiosity a strong influence on your actions? When does your curiosity seem most active?

Are we all naturally curious? Some more than others? Does are search for new information prove that we are curious? Can we define people as curious or not curious? What are traits of curious people? Does asking questions indicate a curious nature?

I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.–Albert Einstein

Do you wonder why something Is happening or happened? Are you curious about how they did that? Do you wonder how that works? Can a desire to know what that is, become an obsession for you?

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Would you agree with William James, that curiosity is “the impulse toward better cognition”? ( Explained as a desire to understand that which you do not.)

Are you most curious about the future or the past or the present? All of the above? Do you find the curiosity of children and animals fascinating?

Are there benefits to being curious? How does your curiosity manifest itself? Does your curiosity compel you to ask questions, read and explore? Do you try to learn from others? Could curiosity be a key to success?

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