Making Memories?

What do we take away from events, interactions and journeys? Is what we learn valuable? Do we grow from our participation?

What determines the long term affect of “things”? Is it what we learn? Is it what we do? Is it how we remember it?

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At a conference with a powerful speaker, would someone expect to learn new information? Could one glean a golden nugget or two to incorporate into their life plan? Is it not possible to even have a transformative experience of a significant nature? What instigates each of those outcomes?

A memorable family outing or vacation is memorable why? Positive or negative what influences our most vivid memories? Is it emotions?

“I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”–Maya Angelou

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Do our expectations, our goals and our wishes lead us to favorable or unfavorable takeaways? Is it how events and interactions unfold? In extended time frames, can a single incident trigger the way we remember the entire situation? Does our mindset affect the memory of something?

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Do we sometimes want something so much that we end up chasing it away because we try to force the result we desire? Could we let the process occur without controlling it? Could this help with the creation of a great memory?

As you think of the memorable moments in your life, what stands out to you? Why? Was it events, people, places, moments, or a combination of all influences. Were most planned or seemingly spontaneous happenings?

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