As the pandemic restrictions are lifted, are you excited about reconnecting with people? Are you enjoying this process?

With whom are you reconnecting? Is it old friends? Is it associates from work or organizations? Are you connecting with new acquaintances? All of the above?

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What excites you the most about being with people again? What did you miss the most? How are you reconnecting? What are the best benefits of reconnecting with people?

Do smiles seem warmer and more genuine than you remember? Are you enjoying listening in person with your eyes, as well as your ears?

“Disconnect from technology & reconnect with each other”–Rosemary M. Wixcom

What do you want to share with others? Do you have a lot to share? What do you value most about in-person interaction? From what perspective do you embrace being with people?

Are face to face meetings different now than before the pandemic? Why? How are they different? Are there different expectations? Is there more interest or even more excitement about meeting and looking someone in the eye? Are we appreciating something we took for granted?

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