Questions In Time

Are most of our questions asked in relation to the present? Are we asking for information about a current situation? Is it possible that our questions relate more to our concerns about the future? Could some of our questions be more related to past events?

Does the time reference matter when we ask questions? Is it an indication of our mindfulness? Is it important? Does asking why, indicate a lack of acceptance of what is? Does asking when indicate the same thing? What questions might we ask instead? Can questions help us to regain our focus on what is happening in the present? Is what a question that might lead to understanding? Could “what is happening” be a question of wonder or of fright?

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Does questioning the past distract us from the present? Do questions of the past bring excess baggage to our journey? Does questioning the future also distract us from the present? Can one set goals without worrying about what might happen?

” Concentrate the mind on the present moment”–Guatama Buddha.

Are despair and anxiety products of attachment to the past and to the future? Does detachment from the past help to reduce despair. Does detachment from the future help to reduce anxiety? How does one mindfully focus on the present? Do self-esteem and a belief in self enhance mindfulness?

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Perhaps the appropriate question might be, are there questions about the past that enable someone to focus on the present? Are there questions about the future that clarify the present? Conversely, are there questions about now that help one to learn from the past and/or prepare for the future?

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