Accurate Thinking Questions

How we do we figure out what is accurate? If we are in a conversation with someone is it important to know if we are hearing facts or opinions? In times like this, we are bombarded with rhetoric from all directions. How can we determine what is fact, what is just information, what is opinion and what are lies?

What questions might be asked, when listening to others and when assessing our own ideas before making a decision? What is accurate? What is factual and what is conjecture? Are there steps we can take to dig down for the truth or at least to available facts?

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When making personal decisions, do emotions sometimes cloud our judgement and distract us from the facts? What filters could be used to help in finding the proper decision? Could some ideas from Napoleon Hill, written a hundred years ago, delineated in The Law of Success, still be useful today? Some of his questions seemed to be designed to determine whether or not it matters. Is it important or not important? Is it relevant or irrelevant? We could ask, why waste time on the accuracy of something that is unimportant or irrelevant to us? As for making decisions, what helps move you toward your major purpose in life? Does that resonate with you, as it did with Napoleon Hill? Is alignment with purpose a viable filter for decisions?

“You have a mind and a brain of your own. Use it, to make your own decisions”–Napoleon Hill

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When determining the accuracy of the information we receive, can we start with this question? How do you Know? What or who is your source? Would you place a lot of confidence in the information if it came from a generalized source, without contextual reference? If you hear, “I saw it on social media”; “they” said so; or I got it from Uncle Bubba, who knows a lot of things, would you want to do more research? Sometimes, could those responses be clues to just ignore or disregard what was presented?

If it is important and relevant, is it worth determining if it is accurate?

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