We all make them, don’t we? Why do we? What leads us to assume things about people, about situations, about events? Can we control our assumptions?

Are most assumptions conscious or subconscious? Does the subconscious even differentiate between knowledge and assumptions?

We make all sorts of assumptions because we don’t have the courage to ask questions.”–Miguel Angel Ruiz

Do assumptions lead to expectations? Do expectations based on assumptions set people up for disappointments?

Is part of our penchant for assumptions because we constantly put labels on people, things, events and even ourselves? Are assumptions a way to assign labels? When we make assumptions are we relegating someone or something to a category?

If we make assumptions about people, before we meet them, does it change how we interact with them? Do we expect them to act in accordance with our assumptions? Does this create a self-fulfilling prophecy scenario in our minds? Do we then tend to judge people based on our assumptions? In essence are we pre-judging without a sound basis for judgement? Does this often lead to misjudgment?

Does open, honest communication help to reduce false assumptions? Are assumptions the anthesis of an open mind? Is knowledge itself a form of assumption? Does the mind fill in the blanks from our sensory input?

Do you tend to make assumptions? Do you judge based on assumptions? Do you prefer accurate thoughts based on what you know or think you know? Are you open minded when you meet someone for the first time?

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