Is “The Force” with you? Does it seem that force, or the use of force or the need for force permeates our lives? Does force become a mindset? Does force seem to be the tactic of first choice for many?

Is force an effective tool? Is it the “go-to” tool for many when they feel stress? Are there more effective tools?

“You will never have to force anything that is truly meant to be,” –Unknown

Does force imply “making it work,” irrespective of whether “it” fits or not? Can we apply the physical science definition to human force applications? In other words, does force cause a change in motion or a change in direction for the person receiving the force? Could it keep a person from moving forward?

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Do we accept that sometimes force is necessary, especially in crisis situations?

What is the opposite of force?

Is force a big part of your life? Do you tend to force things to make them work? Do you feel pressured or “forced” to take certain actions or to accept the beliefs of others? Do you accept force as a necessary evil?

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