What is self-discipline? How important is it? Why is it important?

Through self-discipline comes freedom.”–Aristotle

How is self-discipline defined? How can it be measured?

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What are the benefits of self-discipline? Are the benefits long term or are some more quickly evident?

How is self-discipline developed? Does it take a lot of effort and a lot of time to become a self-disciplined person?

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”–Jim Rohn

How do habits reflect self-discipline? Do habits help to build self-discipline? Does self-discipline foster the development of habits? Is self-discipline about creating productive habits?

Is it possible to be self-disciplined sometimes or most of the time? Is it really, an all the time thing? Is it about a mindset? Are there different types of self-discipline? Could there be a short-term kind of self-discipline for short-term projects and crisis management? Could there be another type of self-discipline, one that is a reflection of the continued practice of self-discipline over time?

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Is there a correlation between self-discipline and self-esteem?

Are you a self-disciplined person? Why? How? When are you self-disciplined? How highly do you value self-discipline?

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