Is sleep something you embrace as a friend or even a loved one? Is it an adversary fighting for time in your life?

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How do you categorize sleep? Is it a necessary evil? Is it a wonderful gift to give yourself? Is it hard to explain?

“I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I am awake, you know.”–Ernest Hemingway

What are the benefits of sleep? Can sleep be evaluated from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives?

Does the duration or quality of your sleep affect your physical, mental and/or emotional effectiveness?

Are there obvious differences in you after a “good night’s sleep”? What is a “good night’s sleep”? Do you feel the difference mostly from a physical standpoint? Is it more of a mental affect? Is there an emotional adjustment? Do you feel different in all three areas?

“Sleep is an essential part of life-but more important, sleep is a gift.” —Dr. William C. Dement

Despite all the great work done in sleep research, especially in the last 30 years, do you realize than even the scientists, researchers and sleep “experts” cannot explain why we need sleep? (They do know that lack of sleep is a problem).

Do you aim to get a set number of sleep hours, nightly? Would you prefer to get more sleep? Do you think that you sleep too much? How much do you think about sleep? Do you think about it more when you are rested or when you are tired? What does that answer suggest to you?

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