Categorize Me?

What word would best describe you? Is there such a word? Can you summarize yourself in a word? How about other people? Would anyone be able to describe you in a word?

If asked, would you be able to describe yourself in a sentence? Would it be a long sentence? Would a paragraph be enough?

How many pages would you need to accurately depict who you are? Could a painting or photo provide an accurate representation of who you are?

Photo by Akwice on

Are you too complex to be reduced to a single representation of yourself? Would a brief verbal description or a single visual depiction be more of a caricature than an honest reflection of who you are?

“I am a rare species, not a stereotype”–Ivan E. Coyote

When you think of others do you find that a single word or sentence is enough? Do you tend to put people in categories? Is there a tendency to place people in boxes or at least to group them together? Is that a form of judgement? Is it easy to think of someone as “one of them”?

Photo by Maksim Romashkin on

Do you want to be categorized as fitting into a particular classification? Or are you a complex individual and a unique human being? Is that a category everyone might fit? Are we all unique human beings?

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov on

Do you appreciate your own uniqueness? Do you appreciate the uniqueness of other people? What is your perspective on being categorized? Do you tend to categorize others?

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