Strengths or Weaknesses?

Do you focus on your strengths or your weaknesses? What you do well or what you do not do well?

Do you find your enjoyment of an activity, that uses your strengths, more rewarding than one at which you struggle? Is your productivity tied to your talents and skills? As you enjoy your favorite pastimes, are you doing things at which you excel you or things at which you are not proficient?

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To improve your performance would you work to develop your strengths? Would you strive to gain or improve those skills which are challenging to you? Which would have the most dramatic impact on your performance and the results you achieve? Would you try to upgrade both weaknesses and strengths?

“Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses. Concentrate on your powers, instead of your problems.”–Paul J. Meyer

Do you know your strengths? Do you recognize your limitations? Are you ok with both? Have your strengths and weaknesses changed over time? Which has changed the most? Which affects your performance the most?

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What are your strengths? Can you improve your strengths? How would you do that? What are your weaknesses? Can you get better at doing things which are a struggle? How would you go about that?

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