Who are You?

Who are you? How do you know? Did you discover who you are yourself or did someone tell you? Are you the same person you were last week? Will you be the same person next year?

How did you become who you are now? Was it by design or did it just happen? How active were you in the process?

Photo by Furi on Pexels.com

How would you define yourself? Are you the person you would like to be? What defines who you are and whom you would like to be? Who defines you?

“You are you. Now, isn’t that pleasant?”–Dr. Seuss

How will you evolve into your future self? Will you just go with the flow and see what happens? Will you take charge and design your life? Will you find someone to lead you to where you “should” go?

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

Are you authentic in who you are? Do you attempt to portray a different version of who you are to others? Are you your best self? How do you determine the answers to these questions? What does it mean to be authentic?

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Who do you want to be? Will that happen by chance? What will you do to become who you are meant to be or want to be?

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