Your Questions

What questions stay in your head? To what do they relate? Are they questions about a challenge you face? Do they revolve around developing a plan? Are they an expression of a concern about what will happen? Are they questions from the past? Are they questions you dealt with before, but never found the answer or even an answer? Do they revolve around a decision to be made?

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Why do some questions linger with us? Why do some nag at us? Why do some seem to chase us? What happens when we try to ignore them or mentally run away from them? Why do some questions disappear and avoid recall despite being important?


Are questions more important than answers? Are the intriguing questions from your conscious mind or from your subconscious mind?

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Do you have a favorite question? Was there a significant question that significantly affected your life? What inspired the change? Was it the Question? The Answer? The development of the answer? Or was it a discovery?

Are there questions that you want to research? Questions to explore and ponder? Do you have questions?

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