Do you Believe in yourself?

How strongly do you believe in yourselfPhoto by Stefan Stefancik on

How strongly do you believe in yourself? Are you a confident person? Do you have a lot of self-doubt? Where do confidence and self-doubt originate? Are self-confidence and by comparison, self-doubt static or evolving? What can be done to enhance self-confidence?

Is your confidence apparent to others? Do you need to believe in yourself before you can expect others to believe in you.

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“The more you believe in yourself, the more the world believes in you.”–Isa Zapata

Is it a possibility, that the number one objective of all youth activities should be to enhance self-esteem? Could such an emphasis impact the development of self-confidence and positive self-image in young people? Is that worth pursuing?

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What can you do to improve your belief in yourself? What can you do to foster a positive self-belief in children? Is low self-esteem an issue?

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