Questions about Questions

There is one question that seems to be part of the universal collective.  “Everyone” wants to know, when will this end?  So far, this has been an apparently unanswerable question. One can even wonder, will it end or will it ever end?  Even as the restrictions were lifted the answers seemed vague and uncertain. Now they truly are unanswerable. Universal questions like this, with no apparent answers seem to be on an never ending loop which replays in our minds individually and collectively.

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We could ask, is this a question worthy of our time and attention? For most of us, our contribution to the discovery of this answer is to follow the guidelines of the medical and political authorities to help “flatten the curve,” or to prevent further spikes. Important, but not likely  to give insight to the when questions. Perhaps, as is often the case, we should  question what we can do for ourselves, our families, friends and loved ones and our community. Perhaps these questions should encompass not only health and safety concerns but also how to grow and develop, what to learn and how to continue toward life purpose and major long term goals. It does appear that there are questions that could be asked about everything we do, say and think. Why?  What is the reason? Is there a better or more efficient way to do things, to talk and to think?

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Could one of the positive results of the social shut-downs be that we have had a chance to reevaluate what is really important?  Maybe to examine our priorities in light of that revaluation? Who would have thought that we could survive for months without live sporting events? How about going for weeks without bars and movie theatres. Did some rediscover or discover the wonders of reading or the fun of more family activities in the home? How about the joy of cooking?  Hopefully some examined their view of the world and where it came from.  Whose story are we hearing?  To whom do we listen (outside voices) and who told us the story we hear inside our head? Are those voices worthy of examination and reflection? Perhaps the most important approach is to keep asking questions; questions of others, but especially questions of ourselves. Are we asking the right questions?

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