Questions ???

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Warning! This blog is for those who prefer questions over answers! If you are looking for answers you need to look elsewhere.  This blog is about opening your mind to self-reflection. It is about questioning yourself to find answers, This is not to suggest that we have all the answers inside ourselves. It is to suggest that our own mind is a great place to start the search. By looking at what we do, how we do it and why we do it; we can learn about who we are. If perspective is reality, (it is isn’t it?), then by looking at who we are, we may be able to answer questions from our own unique perspective.

A question invites exploration. It is open to research. It often requires thought and reflection. It provides ideas. An answer gives a solution, a fact or information. Closed questions which require a yes or no or a specific answer may be necessary, but are not mind opening.  Yes, we do need answers. Most of the time that is why a question is asked. We can learn from the answer. Questions, however, give us the opportunity to explore where the answer and/or follow -up questions may take us. Questions often requires us to dig a little; within ourselves, out in the universe or on Google. Is a question ever a good answer to a question, especially if it opens up new ideas or possibilities? Some would say yes.

The Important thing is to not stop asking questions.”
– Albert Einstein

What attracts us to questions?  Do we really learn more from questions than from answers? Are people who prefer to grapple with questions different than people who prefer to be given an answer. We are in a time of crisis, in which everyone has questions. There are very few answers available. The answers we get lead to a myriad of new questions. The answers we get are mostly opinion.  Is there something to learn about questions in general from the morass of questions that are often asked in a time of crisis and from the lack of definitive answers? Are we focusing on the wrong questions? Sometimes, simple questions provoke the most thought. Why? How?

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If you are  intrigued by questions, or if you have questions to share, or even if you have answers, your response is welcome.. Future blogs will explore topics that might lead to questions, or questions about questions and hopefully to questions about how we think, how we operate and to self-reflection.

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