What things do you do well?

Some questions are tough to answer.

Are the things we do well our strengths? Are the things we enjoy reflective of our strengths? Do we really even know our strengths? What are the benefits of understanding them? How can we determine our true strengths? What is the best way to maximize strengths?

You win games with your strengths, not with your weaknesses–Bear Bryant

How advantageous is it to build on strengths? Could it be a key to success? Are strengths developed by using our talents to develop skills? Could we be more effective by improving our weaknesses? Is this an example of power versus force? The power of our strengths versus the force of fixing our weaknesses?

What do you consider to be your strengths? Do others describe your strengths differently? At what things do you excel? In what activities do you immerse yourself or even lose yourself? Do you have undeveloped skills that could actually indicate “new” strengths? Have you analyzed this? Are there skills or strengths that you would like to develop? Where are you on the power versus force dilemma?

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