The Right Questions?

What are the really important questions to ask as we deal with the quantum increase in mass shootings in the United States of America? Is why the first question that arises to everyone’s lips? Is how the next question? Then do we ask; who is at fault? Besides the shooter, who do we blame? There has to be someone responsible, doesn’t there? Do we look for people who did something or did not do something that contributed to the carnage? Was the catalyst; parents, bullying, anger, embracing radical manifestos, low self-esteem, revenge?

Should the questions even be towards assigning blame? Are these questions irrelevant, in a sense, if we are truly looking for answers to more important questions? What can we do to prevent further attacks? How do we develop effective plans of action? How do we stand together to face this challenge? With multiple mass shootings weekly or even daily, are there commonalities among these horrific events that will give clues to why, how and what?

Do we look for blame to relieve ourselves from a sense of responsibility? Does it also distract us from the questions about how to curtail this epidemic of violence? Can we refocus these questions?

Why have these acts become so common in our culture?

How can we develop a comprehensive and unified plan to take on this massive challenge?

Who is willing to step-up, to become engaged in a massive action plan? Who is willing to accept this as a priority for the country and to take responsibility for correcting it? To put aside politics, ideology, and blame to focus on the solution or solutions?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi

What will you do? Will you stand-up to take action? Will you join in a united effort to stop these mass shootings? Would you prefer to just express concern and sympathy at each occurrence, then move on with your life?

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