Now you tell me?

Is it surprising? Is it sad? Why are so many positives about a person’s life not revealed until they die? Does it seem like this happens with celebrities, with friends and even with family? Why are we so often not even aware of their contributions and accomplishments? Why do we not celebrate the greatness of people, while they are with us? Would they not appreciate the accolades more before they pass?

Are some of the positive qualities hidden on purpose? Do we not get to really know people? Even allowing for the desire to share the accomplishments and good deeds of the recently deceased, is it not a little strange how little we really know about someone?

Do you know the one person at a memorial service who never gets to hear the nice things people have to say about him? That’s right – the deceased. (Quoted from: Life before Death Initiative by the Lien Foundation)

How could we change this? Do we really want to change this? Is this part of the celebration of life, to learn about the deceased? Could we celebrate life, while someone is still alive?

Could we also want to make an effort to learn more about the people in our orbit, while they are in it? Would it be of value to learn not just likes and dislikes, but also, what is important to them? What is their purpose? What makes them tick?

Would you like to become better acquainted with friends, family, loved ones and mentors, while you roam the earth together? How will you go about this fact-finding mission? Would you want to celebrate their greatness and share their pain now?

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