Tomorrow! A day. In fact, the day after today, the next day? A time in the future? When, l “get around to it”? For a word with a specific definition, does it seem to have an excess number of convenient, practical uses?

Is it associated with procrastination? As in, “I will get to that tomorrow”? Or even, I can do that one tomorrow?

Is tomorrow a day to look toward with excitement? Is it an escape hatch for the things that we can’t finish or don’t want to finish today?

If one is truly mindful, where does tomorrow fit? Is it part of the future or is it an extension of today?

It is an arbitrary time designation, is it not? What is the significance of that one second that occurs between 23:59.59 and 00:00.00?

The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives it is called today,”–Jim Rohn

Do we tend to look at tomorrow as starting when we wake up? Do we consider today as ending when we go to sleep, be it at 10:00 P.M. or 2:00 A.M.?

What does tomorrow mean in your life? Does it vary according to the situation?Do you focus on today and allow tomorrow to become today?

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