Children’s Questions

Do children ask questions that surprise you? Do you wonder where or how they learned that?

What makes children’s questions so intriguing? Do their questions often challenge you, as well as, surprise you?

“Children can ask questions that a wise man can not answer”–Unknown

Is it exciting to observe the insatiable curiosity of the young?

Photo by Allan Mas on

What is different about the questions asked by the young? Is there a freshness to their questions? Do they ask more out of curiosity than out of the desire to challenge? As they age does that emphasis change, even before the “teenage years,” when they often become experts on all things?

Is the timing of questions different for children? Are they focused in the present moment? Are children practitioners of true mindfulness? Are they only concerned with Now?

Photo by August de Richelieu on

Is why the favorite question of kids?

When or where or why does imagination begin to wane as we “grow-up”!?

What do you learn from the questions of children? What do children learn from your answers to their questions? What do we learn from what children ask?

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