Is It All About You?

Do you ever get exasperated by those who think it is all about them? In conversations, do you roll your eyes or want to do so, when someone displays their great ability to top every story with one of their own. Does it get old when a person tells you about themselves, takes a deep breath and then proceeds to tell you more about themselves? How do you respond? Is your first reaction to escape?

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Do you fight the tendency to wear others out by discussing yourself? Should people not want to know about you? Are you the most interesting person you know? Would the world be a better place, if there were more people like you?

What causes people to take an interest in you? Could your interest in them be a contributing factor? Could your overbearing interest in yourself be a a deterrent? Do people with positive self-esteem talk incessantly of themselves? Do some people brighten the room by walking in and some brighten it by walking out?

“The way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Ghandi

Is your interest in yourself? Is your interest in the other person? Does it matter to you?

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